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planned actuality Sat leftover… 
10th-Oct-2009 07:56 pm

planned actuality
Sat leftover roast & cheese bread tasty
Sun no, really, I'm making that steak salad this week. NOMS. Ahem.
Mon biscuits & gravy always a favorite.
Tues Beef & broccoli & bok choy & egg noodles (if I get out to the Asian supermarket, or rice if I don't) turned out really well, though the vinegar subbing for the rice wine in the noodle sauce was a bit much.
Wed I have a board meeting, they'll figure out something Val bought them Chinese food.
Thurs tacos! Jeff & I ended up out at Elizabeth's. Cheese sticks and stromboli, noms.
Fri homemade pizza tacos!
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