joyce (joyce) wrote,

Today is so fired.

- weird sleep. Bad dreams about getting laid off from one of my jobs (which, considering that is happening in the spring, wasn't that odd, but wasn't pleasant.)
- bagel was moldy this morning (but, we had bread, so that was okay)
- soda machine ate my dollar; no cold, tasty caffeine for me
- bank faxed form to work yesterday. Form never got here. Bank never called to say it hadn't gone through. Burning hate.
- ran late to class
- classroom was locked when I got to class. Class was surly (in a good natured way, but still) about having to wait for campus police to have to come unlock the room. I was surly because of having to wait for campus police to come unlock the room. Class was... rambunctious, once we finally got to meet.

[eta] Third classroom was locked too. I might've said g-d in front of students. Maybe.

Tags: grump

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