joyce (joyce) wrote,

There was a guy who looked enough like ratnix at Edward McKay just now for it to be a bit freaky. There's no shortage of balding, goateed, slightly round, slightly short, geeky white men in this state (wearing a zombie t-shirt, too), and there's no reason to think that he would be in Greensboro poking through a used bookstore on a Saturday, but... that was still weird.

I would have walked up, said hi, and done the "You look like someone I used to know" routine, just to see, if I thought there was any possibility that he would respond positively, but even after this long, I'm not convinced he would. If that was even him, which is unlikely. So.

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    My independent study paper (27 pages of text, 2 of references, 9375 words) is turned in, four fracking days ahead of schedule. I rock. :)

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    Last class of undergraduate degree: done. :)

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    And moreover, I am not in the mood to read eleventy-gazillion pages on the legal issues surrounding jihad. Normally, I would be completely interested…

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