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planned actuality Sat… 
26th-Sep-2009 10:21 am
food, cooking

planned actuality
Sat pork stew; crescent rolls (http://home.att.net/~abbaskids/crescentrl.htm) stew turned out good enough to post about; different rolls, damn milk
Sun grilled steak salad (http://yesthatjill.livejournal.com/1878043.html) - going to have to turn down the heat, but that's fine – I can mix sweet Thai chilli sauce into my portion
didn't make it out for the salad ingredients; ended up doing half of the pack of Italian sausage, corn, and caesar salad
Mon biscuits & gravy
mmm, biscuits and gravy nom noms (and broccoli)
Tues something from the noodle cookbook I have out from the library, preferably with heavy vegetables – broccoli?
the other half of the pack of Italian sausage, corn, caesar salad, squash
Wed bratwurst sweet Italian sausage (noone at the farmer's market had bratwurst) and something from the salad list (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/22/dining/22mlist.html?_r=1)
riff on something from the noodle cookbook, with rice (and broccoli, and chicken)
Thurs Val cooking if she feels like it; chickpea patties from the freezer & mashed potatoes if she doesn't
Val cooked; seafood for us, ham for Jeff, salad and potatoes for everyone. Omnomnom.
Fri Mini personal pizzas on crescent roll dough, if the rolls turn out well; spinach and mushrooms and sausage for choices
skipped the crescent roll dough, but otherwise, was tasty. And chocolate cake!
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