December 25th, 2012


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It's been a lovely, glorious Christmas, with a lot of good food (oh man) and good company, and good presents and lots of love.

Two of the best presents today, though, involve two of the best stories that a first time Yuletider could have hoped for:

Mrs. Pollifax and the Christmas Party. Mrs. Pollifax being her lovely self, and a bonus appearance by Jack Harkness, who flirts with everyone. (In other words, omg, Torchwood/Mrs. P crossover, someone else brought the crack, win.)

So it Shall be Told, Generation Unto Generation. This is a delicious Newsflesh/Incryptid crossover. There's mice, Buffy, Maggie, the bulldogs, Shaun, George, and lots of HAIL. There's an author who obviously loves the canon. There is a lot of win.

So I got two cracky delicious stories crossing-over some of my favorite fandoms. I love all the Yuletides forever.