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So, weekend. We went up to Maryland and went camping with yesthatjill and flummox and three of her friends from the mill. The drive up wasn't bad - we took interstates, and kind of went around our butts to get to our elbows, but we avoided 95 on Friday afternoon coming into DC and from DC to Baltimore, which would have slowed us down, a lot. Jeff picked me up from teaching my morning class (I gave the stats kids an afternoon off), and with a library stop, a lunch stop, many pit stops, and my poor car hating the hills in VA, we still clocked in right at 8 hours, getting there just as the gates were closing. We've had much worse trips up north.

This was specifically designated as a lazy camping weekend. We ate (oh, we ate, very well). We read. We knitted. We Scrabbled. We napped. flummox geocached. It was good.

Sunday morning, we all got up and moving pretty early. We took off about 10:30. This time I had the bright idea of saying "It's Sunday, we shouldn't hit much traffic, let's just take 29 all the way home." (29 picked up 2 miles from the park and drops all the way into Greensboro.) What I didn't realize was that it does so by way of downtown Washington, DC. Yes, I drove us through downtown DC, and yes, we lived. Actually, it wasn't even bad. Low speed, everyone was being sane, and well signed and lighted. I'd do it again. We fired up the GPS and found 395, and ended up just taking 95 home, since traffic wasn't bad yet. I got us to the NC border, and then Jeff took over. We were home about 5:45, which considering the sit down lunch stop and pit stops and cutting through DC, was not bad.

On the way home, I started realizing that my hacking cough all weekend was not because of the smoke from the campfires, but that I was coming down with a nasty chest cold. By the border, I felt awful. We got home, Jeff's mom fed us Chinese for dinner (noms), and I oozed into bed. I got up Monday morning long enough to call off intro in the morning, then went back to bed. I made it in yesterday for stats and the academic probation classes, Jeff's mom cooked dinner (yay), and I oozed back into bed. I called in for today. I hate doing it, but on the other hand, I have no volume (problematic, teaching) and I'd have to excuse myself every 5 minutes to blow my nose, which just doesn't work. They won't mind the day off, and I'm pretty sure I'll be feeling mostly better by tomorrow.
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