September 18th, 2011

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I am so very glad we didn't go anywhere this weekend; originally there had been camping on the calendar, but Jill was in that "ngggh, too many people" state and I was in that "ngggh, spent last weekend out of town, behind on everything" state, so there was mutual cancellation. Which is good, since Jeff and I both came down with colds (travel crud?) and I'd've hated to get yesthatjill and flummox sick.

I've spent most of the weekend catching up on work, sadly, and hey, I'm pretty caught up, happily. Otherwise, there's been some Leverage and some reading. We took Val out to the Central Carolina Fair today, which was tiny, but fun. I'm glad it was free admission day; it was mostly focused on rides, but had enough crafts and animals to entertain us for a bit.

Then we came home and all the mammals in the house had nice long naps. I woke up with Copper and Marty on top of me.

Now if I could just have another weekend, I might start to feel human again. :)
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