August 14th, 2011


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We are getting a crazy storm. Lots of wind and hail (!) We need the rain, but I hate this kind of weather; I'm skitish anytime it looks like it might think about tornadoing.

Today: work and knitting. My knitting brain seems to be coming back online, which is nice.

I have to go be a coherent, functional, professional adult tomorrow. I'm not looking for sympathy, far from it, but my hind brain wants another week... at least there's no classes until a week from tomorrow. (However, Tuesday involves, terrifyingly, team building exercises).

We seem to have been adopted by a feral kitten. It's a cute white and orange tabby. I suppose I need to put calling the trap and spay people on the to-do list.
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Next up on the book review list:

  • Smokin' Seventeen, the latest in the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich. This was a good installment in the series. Evanovich hints that there might be an end in sight for the love triangle of doom (though I doubt it). The mystery was good enough at the time, though I don't remember much about it now, and all the characters were themselves without being annoying about. Recommended if you enjoy the series (and if you think you might like to read about a ridiculous bounty hunter and her hijinks, and you're not reading these yet, I recommend you start at the beginning, One for the Money, if the people are going to make much sense.)

  • The Search, Nora Roberts.

    I do read romance novels, usually those that crossover into other genres, but not always. If you're going to hate on romance, do it elsewhere.

    The Search is about a dog trainer and search and rescue volunteer who was the one who got away from a serial killer. She lives happily in the San Juan islands, training dogs, spending time with her stepmother and best friend, and generally staying out of the way of most people. About the time things start getting weird on the serial killer front, romance rears its head where she wasn't expecting it either.

    This was good, really good, actually. I'd recommend it if you like the In Death books; if you like dogs; if you're interested in search and rescue; are looking for smart fluff; or all of the above. The male protagonist was a touch annoying, but I think he was supposed to be. :)