August 10th, 2011


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It occurs to me that one of the things I love reading most on LJ is people's book reviews (and I've found more than a few great authors that way), and once upon a life, I posted about books, and I think it's time to start again. So I will be working my way through the Library Thing backlog. At least, the good stuff. Which is most of it, since I don't humor bad books for very long these days.

So, up first...

Soulless is about Alexia Tarabotti, who biggest problem is not that she doesn't have a soul; the facts that she is half-Italian and "on the shelf" at age 25 are often much more vexing in her daily life. Alexia lives in a world where werewolves, vampires, and ghosts not only exist, but are more or less integrated into society (sitting in Parliament, running the military, at least in England). It's steampunk meets Victorian romance meets mystery, with lots of tea and gay vampires. If you loved Amelia Peabody, but grow tired of the same gags over and over (I hit a wall at The Last Camel Died at Noon), or if you love Vicky Bliss, come meet Alexia.

I'm explaining this badly. It's very good. The author's FAQ does a much better job of explaining. I'm already reading the second one, Changeless.
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I went grocery shopping today, and since I had to run into Greensboro to drop off library materials, I got to go to the co-op. (Burlington has a co-op too, which we need to get into the habit of going to more often. During the summer when I'm not working in town, our shopping habits often slip.) Anyhow, it amuses and pleases me to shop somewhere where they have to post a sign saying "Sorry, no eggs from this guy, he's getting new chickens." (There were eggs, just not from this provider, who has a bit of a following.)

Then I had to go to the big box store to get what the co-op didn't have. Oh well. :)

Dinner tonight is chicken curry. It's better than the last time I made curry, but it's still missing... something. And not just the fish sauce I forgot (curse it). Also, it's not spicy enough.

However, it is very tasty, and I'm going to be eating leftover curry for days. Oh, the humanity.