July 30th, 2011


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My sleep schedule is completely, totally foobared. (I am currently eating breakfast. It is noon.) When I try to go to sleep early, even if I'm tired, it's the toss and turn routine.

On the one hand, this isn't a huge deal, since my earliest in person class in the fall is at 1pm, but on the other, I'd like to know why this happened all of a sudden. Hmph.

[edited to add, "this is why I LJ" version: Clicked on my sleep tag, and the next entry down is an entry from last August about how I'd slipped to a 1am to 9am sleep schedule at the end of the summer. Guess this isn't so all of a sudden after all. :)]

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I made the best meatballs I've ever made tonight.

- a couple of tablespoons of dried onions
- 2 cooked medium-sized potatoes
- half a pound of ground turkey
- half a pound of breakfast sausage
- 1 egg
- water or milk or cream to taste
- 2 slices gluten free bread, toasted and whirled in the blender to make breadcrumbs
- salt, pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg

Mush up the potatoes. Add in everything else and smoosh it together thoroughly. Add enough water to get a smooth mixture (or as smooth as you can with this conglomeration of stuff). Cook with your preferred meatball cooking method (I panfried them).

These suckers were so tender and flaky that I checked a couple of times to make sure they were actually cooked. Omnomnoms A+ will make again.

(They started out life as the Ikea meatballs recipe in the comments on this post. So good.)