July 24th, 2011


(no subject)

Friday morning, I went out to the community college to talk to some of their faculty-in-training folks; once a year Mac asks anyone who can make it out to come talk to the newbies and help them with lesson plans, reassurance, etc. Well, when I got there, I was paired with someone who is graduating from the same program I am, that I've tutored in stats and that used to TA for Dr M (who passed away two springs ago). So, we had a good giggle over the randomness of knowing each other and a good talk and I think I helped (I need to email her a bunch of stuff).

We went and saw Captain America in the afternoon - it was good, a lot of fun, better than Thor (and with a better female lead), and now I'm all a twitter for the Avengers.

Yesterday, there was some work and some Scrabble and some Leverage. I had a vow renewal for a former student to go to in the evening, but I bailed, which I feel bad about, but I did not have enough people cycles yesterday to go to an event where I was only going to know the host.

Today there was the annual reunion for my dad's dad side of the family. Lunch was good and the conversation was good, and then we headed back to my parents' for a bit for hanging out and games.

It's been a good weekend.