June 9th, 2011


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Today's field trip included a trip to Company Shops Market, the new food co-op in Burlington. The store is very nice, and has space for a lot of things that Deep Roots wants but just doesn't have space for right now (a big cheese section, better meat, wine, a salad bar, deli, grab and go...) We were pleased at the prices and pleased at the selection, and pleased that we'll have a co-op to go to when we run errands in Burlington and don't need to go into Greensboro (which is more and more, lately, especially during the summer).

Lunch was at a new Asian-ish buffet. $7 for all the steamed shrimp, mussels, salad, and pineapple I can hold? I'm in. There was the usual plethora of deep fried stuff, too, but who cares? :) Next time through, I'll check out the mongolian bbq section.

In between, we have started major house cleaning and rearranging and I did some grading. We saw bunny rabbits in our backyard, too. It's been a good day.