June 8th, 2011


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Yesterday was a good day on the new recipe front. Well, recipe-ish, in one case.

1) I am happy to report that making banana bread in the crockpot works a treat. The result was tasty and moist and didn't heat up my kitchen (it's been 90+ here for weeks, hence the experiment). Brownies may be next.

(Oh, and if you take the Betty Crocker red cookbook banana bread recipe, substitute in sorghum flour and brown rice flour (heavier on the sorghum), and add half as much xantham gum as baking soda? Your gluten eating partner will eat it right up. :) )

2) Dinner last night was Chicken with Caramelized Shallots. It was good, though it will be better in more hospitable weather; I started it on the George Foreman and then put the chicken under the broiler for a few minutes to crisp it up, so the shallots didn't really get a chance to, well, caramelize. :) It was still tasty, though, and I look forward to making it in colder weather, when running the oven for 40 minutes has some appeal. (Bob knows why I decided that we had to have this last night; there' s a 100 other things I could have done with a package of chicken thighs. It just sounded good.)