June 6th, 2011


(no subject)

This is how a lot of conversations go lately.

(6:38:01 PM) Joyce: lansing to GSO is 22 hours, 2 transfers, and $141 on greyhound.
(6:38:44 PM) Joyce: $207, 2 transfers, and 8 hours flying. sheesh :)
(6:39:26 PM) Joyce: $143, 2 transfers, and 23 hours on Amtrak.
(6:39:35 PM) Joyce: i know we live in a big country, but this is absurd.
(6:40:10 PM) Joyce: all of those are one way.
(6:40:35 PM) Ginger!: Lansing, she is not convenient.
(6:40:47 PM) Joyce: 11 hours by car. $55 or so in Kaylee. $68 in Mira. :p
(6:40:53 PM) Ginger!: yups.
(6:41:18 PM) Joyce: seriously, when driving across half the eastern seaboard is your best option...