April 20th, 2011


(no subject)

This weekend, we went up to visit yesthatjill and flummox. Highlights included:

- me putting on my big girl boxers and driving all the way up, including the tunnel and parts of 95
- food. lots of good food. Vietnamese chicken salad rolls, arepas and guacamole chicken salad, and a visit to Woodberry Kitchen, which was awesome.
- intelligent face to face conversation with other adults that weren't my students or coworkers. Holy cow. We need more of that.
- movies: Watchmen (still sorting out what I thought of that), Val Helsing (not bad, would have been better if I weren't in the comfy chair and sleepy), and Hot Fuzz (much better than it had any right to be).

It was a lovely weekend, and yesthatjill and flummox were amazing hosts, as always. We need to set up the summer camping schedule at some point. :)

Otherwise, it's the last week of the semester, my allergies are acting up, and I've been having trouble getting to sleep, which means I'm generally exhausted and cranky. Feh.