March 30th, 2011


(no subject)

I am trying to wrestle a 22,530 word thesis (including table of contents and citations) into a 5000 word journal article. By tomorrow. Ngggggh.


(2:41:06 PM) Ginger!: ... what on EARTH are you doing to your thesis??
(2:43:27 PM) joyce: *ded*
(2:44:08 PM) joyce: whacking together a journal article
(2:44:41 PM) Ginger!: why so last-minute? :)
(2:44:59 PM) joyce: because i procrastinated :)
(2:45:07 PM) Ginger!: you sure 'nuff did.
(2:45:10 PM) joyce: and because up until a couple of days ago, the end of march sounded very very far away.
(2:48:09 PM) Ginger!: ... holy crap, that's TOMORROW.
(2:49:48 PM) joyce: SEE?
(2:49:55 PM) Ginger!: wow.
(2:50:07 PM) joyce: PRECISELY MY PROBLEM
(2:50:07 PM) joyce: ahem