January 28th, 2011


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To: web@thislife.org
From: me@gmail
Subject: Episode #424, Kid Politics

To whomever is reading the inbox this week,

I love TAL. I foist it off on any of my friends that will stand still long enough to let me. I reference TAL (and Planet Money) in class (I teach college sociology). I have students listen to portions of episodes and work them into their writing assignments (this week, it's the refugee story on "True Urban Legends", as we finish up talking about culture). In short, I love TAL.

I'm also not normally one who emails NPR shows; I figure you guys get enough email as is. It was, however, jarring to fire up "Kid Politics" yesterday (I'm a couple weeks behind) and hear Ira Glass refer to a small child as a "butterball". Everyone misspeaks sometimes, but out of all the ways that the child could have referred to, that was surprising to hear.

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