January 17th, 2011


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And verily, it's been a busy (mostly) few days.

  • Thursday, I taught a class, and then drove out to Hippie College to get my computer accounts set up (again, they didn't just carry over from the summer, curse it.) Then it was out to Social Security to put in for a replacement card (because guess who can't find hers). Then the co-op for groceries. Then the eye doctor to use my shiny new benefits (and to get fitted for contacts, and let me tell you, I'd forgotten what magic that is; more about that later). Then out to Hippie College. (Nice, easy going, f-ing smart folks, same as last summer. Man, if all my classes were like that...) Then, eventually, very late, home.

  • Friday, taught one class, ate some lunch, kvetched about work to whoever had the misfortune of still being around after noon on a Friday, and had an appointment with my shiny new gyn, who rocks. (Also, I am vitamin D deficient, it turns out.) Came home, and, um... probably did some TV, or some knitting, or some WoW. Or all of the above.

  • Saturday was totally lazy. See also, Friday evening. Also, planning Spring Break, woot.

  • Sunday morning was housework and work work. Faith came up for the night, so afternoon was games with her and Andrew. I took Jeff out to Red Robin for dinner and we browsed at B&N.

  • Today was work work and then hanging out at my parents' house while Jeff helped my dad work on his car. For much longer than intended. But it works now! There were games, and conversation, and a Starbucks run, and it was good.