October 11th, 2010


(no subject)

Today, I've been productice, despite still feeling like warmed over crap.

- emptied the dishwasher. filled the dishwasher. ran the diswasher.
- balanced my checkbook
- ran two loads of laundry
- filed my FSA claim
- ordered my FSA debit card
- talked to faecat a lot. (yes, this counts as productive. shut up. :) )
- graded all of the race and ethnicity short answer quizzes
- recorded grades for R&E reading quizzes
- reconciled R&E attendance
- posted R&E grades to Blackboard & reconciled my spreadsheet
- sent email about grades, attendance, drop dates to R&E
- graded all of the intro writing assignments for the uni
- reconciled intro attendance
- recorded intro grades in my spreadsheet and on Blackboard

So why do I still feel like I got nothing done?