September 30th, 2010


still here

Tuesday, there were many encounters of the animal kind.

1. Driving into work, I crested a hill and saw a small turtle making his way across the road. Fortunately, he was almost to the side, so I slowed down and went around him.

2. Coming over another hill, there was a large bird in the middle of the road. Seriously large. I got some pictures with my phone, but they were kind of crappy. It wasn't a wild turkey (we do have those around here) and I don't think it was a guinea fowl - maybe a pheasent?

3. Leaving work, I cut through a classroom building to get to my car, and saw some students gathered around a point in the hallway. Turned out it was a small frog. I couldn't catch him to put him outside, so for all I know, he's still running around the AT.

Last night, there were animal encounters in my dreams: it's been raining here most of the week, so I dreamt last night about being stuck out in the rain and mud, being closed in on by snakes and frogs.