August 22nd, 2010


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So, yesterday we made chai-spiced pancakes for breakfast (well, lunch)1, watched a lot of Supernatural, made pizza over at Jeni's parents' place, enjoyed some good conversation, and watched some more Supernatural (she's now firmly hooked). I fell asleep during the last episode (which is a pity, because it's a good one, but it was 11 at night and I was tired), and slept the sleep on the dead, one of the cats parked on my hip.

This morning, I got packed up and made myself some breakfast, Jeni woke up and there were hugs goodbye, and I got on the road. 264 and 64 are boring, but at least it's an easy drive. 3 hours later, I was home. And now, I really want a nap, or some WoW, or lunch, or all three, but all I get is lunch, because I'm not prepped for tomorrow and the beginning of the semester (again) looms.

1. Honestly, jeni is an even better cook now that she's gluten-free, which is pretty awesome, since she was excellent to begin with.

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I have a major, painful case of the don't wannas.

Things that absolutely, positively have to be done before 9am tomorrow:

- intro syllabus
- intro schedule
- post intro first unit notes

- stats syllabus
- stats schedule
- revise stats ch 1 notes & post

- syllabus quiz for 210
; syllabus quiz for 101

Before 9:30 am on Tuesday:

- race & ethnicity syllabus
- race & ethnicity schedule
- race & ethnicity first week notes