August 2nd, 2010

crazy man

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Yesterday was my grandmother's side of the family's summer reunion; we all had a very good time (in fact, we hung out at the church until quarter of 8, way later than in some years). Afterwards, there was feeding piglets and petting kittens; before and after, there was gaming with Hope and Andrew. It was a very nice day.

Today, I was actually marginally productive. There was also hanging out with Hope for the afternoon; she had some errands she needed to run, and the three of us did lunch at Red Robin. Which was tasty, but also funny: I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, hold the bun and hold the Red Robin seasoning on the chicken and fries. Waitress said, no problem. Out comes our food a bit later, and the runner proudly puts down in front of the "A Simply Grilled Chicken Sandwich!" It was a plain chicken breast on a plate, and nothing else.

*blink* "Um, er, where's the rest of it?"

They fixed it quickly enough, but for a minute, I felt like I'd fallen into a practical joke gone way awry. :)