July 28th, 2010


ate some more soup

Sunday, there was a family reunion at lunch - very nice time, low key. There were games back at the parents'. Then there was a former coworker's wedding, which was also very nice and enjoyable. Alas, I got contaminated by something - probably the salad dressing, one day, I'll learn - and spent most of yesterday with a rolling stomach. Sigh.

Yesterday was errandage extraordinarre, including making Ms. Janeway legal again, woot.

We picked up Hope at the airport late last night, and this morning, she and mom and I went out and did breakfast and hung out and caught up and heard about her trip.

I started trying to prep for fall this afternoon, but one look at a schedule and my eyes just about crossed and I wanted to stick my head in the sand. This may be a sign that I am not fully recovered from spring/summer yet.

I need to finish grading my last summer class tomorrow and file grades. Wheehaw.
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