July 11th, 2010


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The house has gotten really groddy over the last 6 months or so (no, I'm not just being modest; I'm hesitant to let anyone else who doesn't live here into it, with the exception of my mother), so Operation Clean the Damn House has commenced.

Yesterday's progress: cleaned off the left hand side of the kitchen counter; set up the toaster oven.

Today's progres:

  • cleaned the toilet and bathroom sink
  • scrubbed the stove, including taking off the burners and scrubbing the drip pans
  • changed the cat box
  • scrubbed the right hand side of the kitchen counter
  • took out the bathroom trash, and the trash from my side of the office and Val's office trash can
  • cleaned out the corner of the central hallway that had started to accumulate too much crap (including, I'm pretty sure, Jimmy Hoffa)
  • ran a load of laundry from the accumulation
  • did some straightening on my desk
  • boxed up a bunch of receipts until they can be shredded
  • found somewhere to keep my shoes (other than all over the living room floor)