July 10th, 2010


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Hauled out the bikes for the first time in almost a year today. 55 minutes (+ stops), 7 miles. We rode down our road, hung a right on the road that my parents' church is on, road up to the main road, then turned around and came back from whence we came.

My parents' church road is hillier than it looks.

If I/we are going to keep doing this, a hydration pack would be a good call.

It is less warm out there than it has been, but still mighty warm.

Riding here in the country where we live now is much more pleasant than riding in town was. The speed limits are higher, but the traffic density is much lower, and the drivers much more cognizant of hazards (people walking, kids, people on lawnmowers, tractors, dogs, other animal life, people on bikes, people pulled over to check their mail, people pulled over to talk to each other) than they are in town.