June 25th, 2010

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Friday afternoon date with Jeff:

- Qdoba for lunch (pick 2: naked pork1 poblano pesto2 burrito, and tortilla soup with nothing in it. Which is surprisingly spicey with no sour cream or cheese to cut it. Overall, decently tasty.)

- A-Team!

Trailers: Dinner for Schmucks3, Predators4, Knight and Day5.

Movie itself: big, boomy, silly, actually had a plot. Good casting, though I might have picked someone besides Jessica Biel. Solid set up for a sequel. Good nods to the original. Some silly in jokes. A, would watch again.

- Now, we have potatoes and sausages for dinner, whiskey and Pepsi to drink, and life is good.

1. alas, all of the meats are dairy-ed at Qdoba except for the pork and eggs. I can eat the tortillas, pork, and eggs at Qdoba, but not chips (depending on how paranoid I'm feeling, since the corn chips noted about wheat: "may contain the allergen, due to unintentional migration of ingredients during preparation"), or the meats (except for the beef) but not the chips or the tortillas at Moe's. It's a wash. At least both have allergen information clearly posted.

Also, the pork didn't taste like anything. :p Next time, I'm sticking to the grilled vegetables.

2. roasted poblano peppers, jalapenos, cilantro, almonds and pine nuts. Not bad.

3. Would watch if it was on at a friend's house and I was drunk.

4. Would watch at my house if I were drinking and/or the audience was willing to MST3K it.

5. Would use passes to see it in the theater.