June 13th, 2010

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I realized I never posted about this; last weekend, Jeff and I tripped up to Maryland to go camping with yesthatjill, flummox, and the mill crew. We got up on Friday night about 7:30, having made really good time up. We took 29 most of the way up1, and while we hit some stop and go on the northern part of it, it wasn't bad at all. Dinner was Italian sausages, onions and red peppers, and marshmallows and chocolate.

Saturday was a whole lot of lazing - knitting, reading, visiting, chatting, games on various electronic devices - and eating.

Sunday, we had to pack up fairly early, as we all had responsibilities to be home for. The trip back home was painless.

It was a good weekend. We slept like rocks (I finally caved and bought an air mattress for me), I finished a book (which I haven't done in a weekend in awhile) and did some knitting (see also, hadn't done in awhile.) The food was great and the company was lovely. Road trips are good for a person.

1. Google maps took us on a beautiful but bizarre detour through farm country in Virginia. Their shortest distance algorithim has gone a little kooky.