May 23rd, 2010


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Okay, I really am related to half the county.

Someone pulls up, and I step outside with that "Can I help you?" look on my face. A lady gets out of the car and says "Hi, I'm Betty, remember me?" It was the folks we'd bought the house from. They'd unearthed a sign while unpacking that has this house number on it, which doesn't do them any good, so they wanted to drop it off. We chatted for a couple and she said "You know, my momma was a [last name]." "Oh?" says I. This is not that unusual, around here, for someone to say they know a [lastname] or ask if I'm related to such-and-such Lastname; it's a very common last name around here. 1It's a little more unusual to meet someone who is one that I don't already know. "Yea, do you know Clifford and Edward?"


"Yea, they're my cousins. Well, my dad's cousin's sons."

We didn't get into how she was related to them, but wow, talk about random. I need to email my dad and see if we can figure out where they're hooked in.

1. When I first started working at the community college, there was an issue with my computer account. I called in about it, and the tech asked "Okay, what's your last name?" I giggled and told him. There was a pause, then, "There's, um, 14 of you in here. What's your first name?"
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- Every once in awhile, I make a dinner that (while everyone will eat it) is mostly designed to make me happy. :) Tonight's dinner was polenta, a tray full of roasted vegetables (including garlic scapes for the first time - noms), sausage and shrimp, and tomato sauce. I'm a very happy camper right now. Bonus, I made a ton of polenta, which I'll happily eat for breakfast and lunch this week.

- I did not make it to the EOS reunion this weekend. I wanted to, I'd said I would, but after the crazy of the last couple of weeks, and the upcoming crazy that is going to be June, something (besides me) had to give. I am sorry I didn't make it out and see folks, but I am not sorry that I had two whole days to decompress and...

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- Friday afternoon I traipsed out to Jordan Lake with artisanal_xara and her little one; I'd had to cancel our last two dates, with Val being in the hospital, and I sorely needed a couple hours of sun, water, eating Subway, and chit-chat, and low-level interaction with two people at a time (not 25 or 50)which is exactly what I got.

- I watched the first two episodes of Leverage this weekend, and totally, completely understand why folks are heads over heels for it.