April 27th, 2010


not dead yet

Effing trees.

I am taking full strength allergy meds - you know, the kind that you have to have them scan your driver's license for, though not the prescription stuff - and my sinuses are still killing me. The back of my throat is killing me. My glands are sore. Part of this can be chalked up to my forgetting my meds yesterday, but still.

I've never been so ready for winter again. Of course, I've spent half of the last two winters sick. Frack.

(no subject)

(1:27:40 PM) Joyce: ok, that was kind of random.
(1:27:55 PM) Ginger!: ?
(1:28:16 PM) Joyce: Jeff said "honey, look out the window" and there was a HORSE running down the neighbor's driveway.
(1:28:20 PM) Ginger!: o.O
(1:28:29 PM) Ginger!: that never happens to ME.
(1:28:30 PM) Joyce: things that don't happen in town.
(1:29:07 PM) Ginger!: It'd be kind of funny if it DID though.
(1:29:21 PM) Joyce: we tried to get his attention and keep him in the yard and called animal control, but he wasn't wearing a harness, so no way to catch him.
(1:29:30 PM) Joyce: so he's went off trotting down the road =/
(1:29:36 PM) Joyce: animal control said they'd come out.
(1:29:39 PM) Joyce: i hope they catch him.
(1:29:46 PM) Ginger!: "Here, horse! Have some grass!"
(1:29:57 PM) Ginger!: Horse: "Nah, this grass over here looks fine. Thanks though!" *zoom*
(1:29:58 PM) Joyce: pretty much :)

I think we'll be putting the phone numbers for the sherrif's office and animal control in our phones now.