April 7th, 2010


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Tonight's new recipe: the baked seitan from Veganomicon. I'd never made homemade seitan before, though I'd made the chickpea patties (which are similar) a gazillion times. Tonight, after the seitan was made I sliced up a couple of cutlets and panfried them, then added some teriyaki sauce.

Verdict: I really, really liked it. Then again, I like tofu, etc., so I expected to like it. It's 20 grams of protein to 100 calories of seitan, and I like that a lot too. Jeff said it was okay, but kind of a weird texture. Val didn't comment on the food, but did thank me for making dinner, so... who knows.

I think this is mostly destined to be lunch food for me, but since a batch could last me through a week of happy, protein filled lunches, I'm down with that.