March 2nd, 2010

this land

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So, after I got in from work this morning, we went out on a walk, under the theory that the weather was only going to go downhill over the course of the day. Down the road a bit, there's a very small pond (more like an overgrown puddle) with a horse barn and some horses, and we're tromping along when I see very large wings popping out from the pennisula in the middle of the pond and stop Jeff and... "Oh, hey, honey, is that a crane?"

Googling says that this is what we might have seen, but ours was more blue in the chest and neck. I wish I'd grabbed the camera - maybe I just need to start hauling it everywhere. :) It was lovely, and we watched it fly around a bit before moving on.

It was a good call about the weather, too - it started snowing 15 minutes after we got back, and hasn't let up. Big fat flakes, too. says there's a 50 to 70 percent change it's going to snow all night.

This is where I note that next week is spring break.