February 28th, 2010


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  • Soft boiled egg + sausage + cheese + spinach + green onions + polenta = NOMS.
  • We had a lovely, very low key TDay 2.0 last night. Some folks had to work, other folks we didn't hear back from, some folks got sick, and in the end, we ended up with artisanal_xara and feebdaed and their little one (who is getting so big and so smart, it's kind of scary) and yesthatjill and flummox, which for our house right now (until the basement is finished out) was just perfect. We ate, we chatted, we ate, it was good.

    Thanks for coming to see us, folks. It was great to see everyone. Next year, maybe we'll bump out by a month so we can spread out into the back yard. (It was damn cold yesterday, and windy.)

    And thank you Jillie, for leaving us a half sheet of bacon wrapped dates. And dates. And goat cheese. Noms. :)
  • I have been feeling incredibly disorganized and behind at work, but I checked the master to-do list this morning (which I haven't been doing, hence the feeling of disorganization) and I'm actually in pretty good shape. Huzzah.
  • It is so nice to have the house relatively clean (more clean than it has been) and organized. We should have company more often. :)

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I needed some exercise and to get outside today, despite the cold, windy weather, so we bundled up and took ourselves out to Lake Mackintosh for a walk. We weren't sure entirely what to expect, but we knew there was some kind of trail - we'd seen it passing the park going into town to run errands.

When we got there, we discovered there was a loop that had one mile and three mile options, so off into the woods we went. It ended up being not that cold - the trees broke the wind, and with the exercise, we got warm enough to take off our sweatshirts/hats/gloves for much of the walk. (Next time, small backpack, and water). It ended up being a really lovely day to be out, and we clocked right at an hour for the three miles.

Otherwise, today has been a lot of lazy (including a nap this afternoon), a bit of work, some B5 with Ginger, and tasty casserole for dinner (mix leftover mashed potatoes, corn, bratwurst; top with gravy and cheddar. Bake. Tasty.)

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