January 5th, 2010

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Tonight, a new recipe: Potato Peanut Curry. Both Jeff and his mom really liked it, though Jeff commented that it could do with an increased protein quotient. (Toasted chopped cashews, maybe?) I subbed out tomato puree + hot water for the diced tomatoes, as Jeff doesn't do tomatoes, just sauce, and left out the pepper (it makes Val sick) (Jeff and I added paprika to ours). Otherwise, it was tasty (and vegan, woot). [We've been eating too much meat lately.] I served it up with some couscous, cooked spinach, leftover squash, a tangerine, and some cucumbers.

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Sunset - January 5

When we were coming home from running errands this afternoon (library, post office, co-op, Target), the sunset was turning the sky the most amazing shade of purple. It was pretty awesome.