January 4th, 2010


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Dinner - January 4

Dinner tonight is the kind of meal that takes a little doing, but works really well for us - raw vegetables + cooked vegetables + starch + protein. Everyone can pile what they want in their bowl, and have custom fit dinner. Tonight's version was raw cabbage and carrots, cooked squash, udon noodles, olives, and pork roast, plus joe random dressing I threw together. The doing part came in where I didn't start the pork roast soon enough, so we're eating later than I'd like, but what else is new? Jeff said it was really good and his mom said thank you, which is about all I go for most nights (though she did say that dinner Sunday night was delicious, which is funny, because it was tacos, not normally one of her favorites.) Also, I did a one pound roast, and the leftovers will go in the freezer for another night like this. Win.

I need to find the good camera.

I spent most of today fiddling with class stuff and board stuff, and feel like I didn't get much done even though I know I did.
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