January 2nd, 2010


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Dear brain trust:

I do not like beans. I have never liked beans. We are talking gag reflex, mom would put three on my plate as a kid because we had to try everything and I would swallow them whole because it was the only way to get them down. It's a taste, smell, and texture issue.

However, as an adult, I've discovered a few specific applications where I don't mind beans or bean products:

- chickpeas turned into chickpea cutlets (everyone likes these, thank bob)
- falafel
- edamame, which I can eat like it's going out of style
- peas, whole, uncooked, defrosted, usually in a multi-layer salad
- hummus (alas, Jeff's mom doesn't like hummus)
- tofu (alas, Jeff's mom doesn't like this either)
- green beans (just the outside green part)

I'd like to like beans. I live in a household with two other people who like beans. They're cheap, healthy protein.

Any suggestions on where a lifelong bean hater might start on retraining her tastebuds, or other applications of beans I might like, from the list above?


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Puppy - January 2

Our farmer's market haul today:

- 1 package of ground beef
- 1 whole chicken
- 2.5 pounds of breakfast sausage
- 2 dozen large eggs
- 1 bag of spinach
- 1 head of lettuce
- 3 hothouse tomatoes

And then we drove out to the Creamery, since they can't sell cheese at the market, and picked up cheese (the cheese they sell is from a farm in Tennessee, and they can only sell at the market what they grow themselves), and met this gorgeous fellow.