December 28th, 2009


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Yesterday we went and saw the first showing of Sherlock Holmes up in Burlington (nice theater, early bird special, crowded but not badly, will go to again) and then Jeff's mom bought us a late lunch at Brixx Pizza (10 percent off with a ticket stubb, too.)

Movie review: Jeff's mom liked it; her only complaint was that she felt like this wasn't Holmes and Watson as presented elsewhere. And true, there was much more violence than a Conan Doyle story would support, but underneath the fight scenes was a solid (nay, codependent) friendship, fun pseudo-science, Holmes' tendancy to deduction by the slimmest of threads. Watson wasn't presented as an idiot. They didn't clean Holmes up much - he was a mess when he didn't have a case, he was an ass and presumptous to those around him, he shot at the walls in his quarters. The women weren't there just to prop the men up. I liked it quite a lot, can't wait for the sequel, and think Conan Doyle would have approved. (Much better review than mine over here, spoiler free; hat tip to wiredferret for the link.)

(I am also much more of a Laurie R. King Holmes girl than a Conan Doyle one, though I do love both.)

(Oh, and we saw the Iron Man 2 trailer. Can't. Wait.)

After that, Jeff and I went back up into Greensboro to feed our friends' cats. I put together salad for dinner, to balance out the late pizza lunch. I goofed off a bit online, and then went to bed early and finished inhaling Coop: A Year of Poultry, Pigs, and Parenting.

(You'll like it if: you want to hear about country life [or more specifically, you want to hear about how someone who grew up on a farm realizes that it's not nearly as easy as his parents made it look - and he never said it was easy in the first place; he knew it was work]; growing up; learning how to relate to your parents as adults; having a child; if you don't mind laughing and crying in the same chapter; and if you aren't going to mind the fact that he refuses to condemn his fundamentalist upbringing [that's a sticking point for one reviewer on Library Thing]).

I loved it, slurping down the last 120 pages or so in one fell swoop last night. Jeff is a solid Michael Perry fan, something that I totally get now, and I'm going to go read the rest of his books.

This week needs to be about working on the house. Current project list:

  • excavating the living room (almost done!)
  • set up movie viewing hardware
  • excavating the kitchen
  • setting up Jeff's mom's craft area
  • putting up the rest of the pantry shelves in the stairs to the basement
  • unpacking (and unpacking and unpacking)
  • getting my dad's trailer back to him
  • putting up a clothes line (started today: got the materials, dug the holes, poured the bottom layer of concrete)
  • starting the garden beds
  • researching what we need to do to keep chickens
  • figuring out what we want to do with one of the out building bays for a chicken coop
  • organize the spices
  • rearranging the bedroom

This whole holiday break thing is nice. :) Re-entry next week is going to suck, but at least it'll be slow. (The high school online classes pick back up next week, then the community college the next week, then the university the week after.)