December 24th, 2009


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Yesterday was a good day too. We ran the last of our errands in the morning (and Target etc. was a zoo; even the co-op was a zoo, filled with people who don't know how to do things like use bulk bins). I ran over to the parents' for some Scrabble and Yahtzee with Hope in the afternoon, came home, made some awesome homemade pasta, and then crashed out with a book. :)

Today is cooking day. I'd made a nice neat plan to start it yesterday... and then got very lazy. The cheese ball is already down. :)

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Church with various and sundry family members at my cousin Andrew's church, and then dessert and chit-chat at his aunt on his other side's house, with some of his family on his other side (his dad is my dad's brother; this was his mom's family) and Andrew and his brother Michael and my sisters. Very nice evening.

I have a few more presents to wrap, and then sleep to have; the rest of the cooking can (and mostly should; make-ahead gravy? Eww) wait until tomorrow.