June 1st, 2009


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One thing I am most not emphatically fond of about the new house: the gas stove and oven. I'm sorry, open flames belong outside, not in my kitchen.

I'll adjust. It's just going to take some getting used to. I've had electric the entirety of 32 years, save the 6 months or so I lived in downtown San Jose in the crazy not-quite-a-commune, and I avoided cooking in that kitchen as much as humanly possible. (Gas stove that you had to light with one of those long campfire lighter thingies).

(Please, no gas versus electric holy war in comments. I know this is something that people feel strongly about. :p)

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Things forgotten yesterday that would be immediately useful: trash cans, recycling can, cooking oil, glasses (grabbed coffee mugs, but not glasses). Whoops.

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I spent today alternately unpacking boxes and babying/icing my knees, which were so very very angry after yesterday. I've got most of the books unboxed (though not organized; hah). I managed to get a small nap this afternoon (we didn't sleep well last night, jumping at every noise). The Time Warner guy came and put in our internet and Jeff's mom's TV connection (and was a really incredibly nice guy). Jeff got home in record time (we actually cut his commute in half, which is impressive when you consider that it was 4.5 miles before). We went to the old house and picked up a bunch of stuff and his mom, got home, got her bed set up, ate some dinner, and went back out to Lowe's (fans) and Earthfare (eggs and ice).

Tired now. Good night, moon.