May 31st, 2009


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So, we're moving today. I hadn't said anything about it online, because it was just too good an opportunity and I was afraid something would fall through, but, we pick up the keys at ten, I had an IM from the guy with the house yesterday saying that they were done and the house was newly cleaned and the carpets downstairs had been done, so, it seems that things are moving along.

It is raining outside, something that I've already whined about on Twitter and Facebook, so I might as well fuss here too. It was clear all day yesterday (and a good thing it was; we were building Jeff's mom new bed frame), and projected clear today (seriously, we don't know when the last time we saw the "sun" icon on WeatherFox was; it's been awhile), but now it's raining. What the hell is up with that?

Our internets are scheduled to be hooked up tomorrow, but until then, text/phone is best if anyone needs something. Wheee. :) I need to get dressed and make breakfast so we can pack up the last minute kitchen stuff. Pictures tomorrow! :)

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+ This place is huge. Seriously. We're going from 850 square feet (1 bathroom) to 2200 square feet + outbuildings (2.5 bathrooms).
- The kittens are freaked out.
+ We did successfully get most of the big stuff out. We didn't get quite everything we wanted to today, but we got most of it. My cousin and dad are rock stars.
+ The previous occupant's internet service isn't getting cut off until tomorrow, when ours is getting installed.
- I am SO sore, and I bruised the shit out of my knee.
- Did I mention that the kitties are wigged?
+ Pizza for dinner om nom noms.
+ The rain stopped before we actually loaded anything up.
- We still have a lot of to get done.
+ We have all month to get it done.