May 20th, 2009


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The Wednesday farmer's market is on for the rest of the summer. This is traditionally a bit of a chicken and egg thing - no one comes, so there's no vendors, so no one comes... anyhow, things must have picked up last summer, because I got an email from the FM folks this week saying that they were extending hours into the afternoon this summer. Happy day! I still went in the morning, but longer hours means the Wednesday market is going better.

So, I got:

- eggs. Somehow, after buying 2 dozen on Sunday, we were down to 4 this morning (not counting the dozen I just bought.) I'm starting to think the cats are making midnight breakfast.
- sausage. We'd gone through almost a pound since Saturday.
- lettuce
- a dozen gorgeous whole wheat rolls from the local bakery

Also present were strawberries, a wide variety of produce (from our local organic vendor, which is also where I got the sausage). The local Greek folks with spanikopita and baklava and such, that I valiantly ignored. Other baked goods, ditto. Really, the only things I could get at all were non-breakfast meats and milk and honey (though getting lettuce from our normal vendor would be better; his heads are larger). The tea folks (and I didn't have my mug with me, shoot.) I wonder if we could skip the Saturday market and do the Wednesday market for awhile - I love the folks we see on Saturdays, but the Saturday market is insanely, awfully, horribly crowded on Saturdays. Great for the farmers, bad for Joyce and Jeff.

Dinner tonight: side salads with cucumbers and fresh tomatoes, strawberries, squash, quiche. Noms.