May 7th, 2009

crazy man

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I have topped my greatest small world story ever. The previous lead was when one of jeni's good friends turned out to be a guy who I worked with over 10 years ago one summer at a teaching camp thing.

So, this school year, I've been doing this faculty in training thing to learn how to be a better faculty person at one of the local community colleges. This afternoon, our boss had us over to his house for a little end of semester party thing. Some of us were outside on the patio, and the boyfriend of one of my coworkers came out to have a cigarette. We got to talking about smoking, as conversational drift happens at parties, and I mentioned that I went to one of the last high schools in the state to allow smoking on school grounds (I was actually thinking of my old high school, but...)

"Oh?" Boyfriend says. "Me too."
"Where'd you go to high school?" I asked idly.
I commenced mildly gaping, because that's pretty random, though not totally random, running into someone that went to NCSSM. "When did you graduate?"
"1997" he says.
"Weird. I graduated in 1995."
"Wow, we just missed each other... my sister was 96, I wonder if you knew her?"
"Who was she?" I figured I wouldn't. It was a small school, but not that small.

That is when my jaw hit the deck. Greensboro is too damn small a city, some days. :)