April 30th, 2009


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The people who are in line in front of me at the library for Bone Crossed (the newest Mercy Thompson book) need to read faster, dammit. (If it'd been straight to paperback, like the first three, I'd have already bought it. Hardback = good for author, annoying for fans who prefer paperback.)

I'm thinking about trying Nora Roberts - I love her as J.D. Robb, and I'm in the mood for intelligent fluffiness lately. However, I have no idea where to start - there is a LOT of Nora Roberts out there, and googling for reading guides hasn't gotten much of anywhere. Recommendations?

Yay books. :)

(no subject)

Marty has her butt on my desk, her body propped up on my belly, and her head nuzzled between my boobs, with her legs sprawled out and resting over one of my arms.

The cute, it burns, around here. :)