April 27th, 2009


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What a nice weekend.

Friday after I got off of work, I dropped off some stuff at Goodwill for mom, ran by the library and got my holds and dropped books off, and zipped out to the Bicentennial Gardens to eat my lunch. I got a text from Jeff that he was going to be working from home the rest of the day, so after lunch, I wandered home. He worked, I read and took a nap.1 Beef and gravy and biscuits for dinner, and gaming and reading and music for entertainment.

Saturday was the co-op's annual taste fair, so I was out with my board face on all afternoon. It was hot, but there was a good breeze, we had a good but not too huge crowd, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. I got to answer some good questions about being an owner with the co-op and got to have some good talk with the former president2, and it was a good day. The rest of the day involved more gaming (it was a Command and Conquer kind of weekend), re-hydration, and tacos and tostadas for dinner, noms.

Yesterday was a mostly hedonistically lazy day (more reading, more gaming, starting to watch The Undiscovered Country and getting an hour in before realizing we both needed sleep) punctuated by bits of productivity (all the dishes in the world, folding clothes, a nice long talk on the phone with my sister Faith, mowing the lawn), just as a Sunday should be. :) Mini-pizzas for dinner, which was totally good.

1. I'm planned through this week - I need to plan next week, but that won't take long - and right now is the calm before the storm. First of next week or so, people will start frantically handing in work for me to grade. 11 class days left, but we're not having class the last day.

2. Did I mention that I'm the interim board president? Oh, yea, I am.

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Did the tax laws change? (No, I haven't been watching the news. Yes, I suck.) My pay stub says that I'm getting an extra 37.76 on Thursday, and I haven't changed anything. Not that I'm complaining...
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Whee. So, I got to the Y and Jeff noticed I had a flat tire. Completely, totally, horribly flat. Which is funny, because I didn't notice any difference in handling on the way to the Y.

Jeff put the spare on for me (I know the process of changing a tire, but I physically don't have the strength to crack the nuts; yes, I'm a wimp). Luckily, it's a full size spare, but still, tire replacement is a new priority this week. Whee.