April 23rd, 2009

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So, yesterday morning I was fine, and by noon, I felt like I'd been hit with the allergy stick. I was stopped up, my glands hurt, I had a headache. I got most of the way through class and sent them home early, drove home very carefully, took a Sudafed, and fell over. I did make it to the Y with Jeff - if I didn't get some exercise, I was going to feel worse - and did 25 minutes on the treadmill, very very slowly (2 miles an hour slow). We pulled leftovers out of the freezer for dinner, I talked to Hope on the phone for a bit, and went to bed early.

This morning, I was feeling mostly better, so I went and taught class (I'd been seriously considering calling it off last night), and then I went to go hang out with mom. She wanted to take some stuff to Goodwill, and swore she knew where the Goodwill in Burlington was (I don't know Burlington at all), so off we went. We took a tour through Graham and downtown Burlington, but never the Goodwill or Salvation Army did we find. We got some coffee, I fed us Chinese buffet for lunch, we took her to Michael's, and then it was home and time for her nap. I talked to Dad a bit, washed my car in their yard, went to the library, came home, and it was time for more Sudafed and a nap for me. Sigh.

This afternoon, I remembered why I don't take stuff like Sudafed very often - after I got up, all I could do for the next couple of hours was stare muzzyheaded at the screen, grade a few papers, and talk to faecat, feeling very out of it. However, my head doesn't hurt and I'm no longer dripping, so, hey.

Made tasty dinner. Time to go to bed with a book now.
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