April 12th, 2009


ate soup, long weekend edition

We had Friday off, and I needed to get my car inspected and the oil changed, so I headed out at the same time Jeff did and had it dropped off before they were officially open. I got a bagel sandwich for breakfast and then sat in Caribou and drank coffee and read until I got tired of that, looked at books in B&N, and then wandered back to the shop, where they had my car done about ten minutes later. I took a nice long walk at the Bog Garden, then ran out to the co-op, then came home and ate some lunch and nattered on to faecat. Jeff was off at 2, so we went to the Y and worked out, and I made some killer ribs and decent cheesy potatoes and bad biscuits for dinner, and we played Command and Conquer and drank a little and read, and fell asleep early.

Yesterday there were bagel sandwiches for breakfast (day old bagels = win), and a farmer's market run, and then Taco Bell and Lowe's, and reading and gaming and house cleaning. Hope came over for dinner, and there was salad and homemade pizza, and Scrabble, and a run out to REI for her to price sleeping bags and a stop by the new Apple store to drool over shinies. She dropped Jeff and I off and headed back to my parents', and we fell over shortly thereafter.

I was actually pretty awake at 6, but rolled over for another hour, and now I'm up and really rather awake, though no one else is (except the cats). I think it's time for tea, and to finish my book. I've been devouring this all weekend. It's great big fluffy fun. The writing isn't as good as Patricia Briggs - I don't categorize Briggs as fluff, but Rardin so far I am - and the story is a lot less realistic (and despite the vampires and werewolves, that's one of the things I like about the Mercy Thompson series that Briggs writes, is that it feels pretty realistic), but it's fun, I like Jaz (the heroine), and I started this Friday morning and I'll finish it today. If reading about the wacky hijinks of a couple of CIA assassins, one of whom is a vampire, sounds like your thing, you'll probably like it (I'm looking at you, faecat, and redzils and zhaneel and supremegoddess1).