October 26th, 2008


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Today, I've:

- cleaned out the fridge
- done a lot of dishes
- taken out the recycling
- done three loads of laundry and actually put some of it away, wonders will never fracking cease
- cooked up 2 pounds of beef for taco meat. We ate tacos for lunch today, and we have them on the schedule for dinner tomorrow, and some will go into a Juan Pedro pie for the freezer.
- made a double batch of tortillas for the week
- made the twice baked potatoes for Tuesday night
- made 6 mini-pizzas crusts, 2 went into the fridge and 4 into the freezer
- make gingersnaps. Ate a couple. Balled up the rest of the dough and froze it.
- prepped salad for the week
- made egg salad for Jeff's lunches
- emailed out annoying email for the board for the co-op
- relaxed. Played some AOE. Not worked.

Not bad. I'm pleased. I'd like to start doing more prep work for the week's cooking on the weekends.

Meals for the week:

last night: take out Chinese. bad locavore. At least it was a locally owned restuarant?
tonight: salad, and quesadillas for me
Monday: tacos (already prepped. Heat and serve.)
Tuesday: pork tenderloin, twice baked potatoes, salad (all already prepped except for the pork and dessert. I'll make dessert tomorrow or Tuesday morning. Hope will be over Tuesday, yay!)
Wednesday: ravioli, if I'm feeling sufficiently motivated.
Thursday: noodle and tofu soup
Friday: pizza and salad