August 15th, 2008

(no subject)

Yesterday, I tried to buy office supplies, but Office Depot was expensive and thrawting (go figure, but it's what was on the way to campus). I went swimming and went into the office and got a semester long calendar (in calendar form, as opposed to the spreadsheet I had already) put together so that I could do a visual check and make sure I had the semester pretty well balanced (for my students and for me) and could keep up with what was coming in when. I went to a meeting about the Writing Across the Curriculum program that I'll be participating in this year. I came home and went to Thai food for lunch with Hope, and then we came back here and did Scabble and Upwords, and then she went home and we did pork chops and potatoes for dinner and watched some BSG.

Lovely day. :) I need to be down to campus and nicely dressed in under an hour, tho, so I should fly...