August 9th, 2008

copper and ellie

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I am getting back in the habit of exercising. My body is grumpy, but appreciative. This week, it was walking on Monday and Tuesday, swimming and walking on Wednesday, and swimming on Thursday. Yesterday, I was having lunch with a friend near campus, so I hauled out my poor neglected bike (which I hadn't been on all summer) and rode in. (Bike: creaky but fine. Needs air in the tires in a bad way. Me: creaky but okay. Crept up a hill I used to power up. Sigh.) Today, it's been lawn mowing. Rawr.

Yesterday was mostly spent beating my class schedules into submission. I have everything reasonably synced and pdf'ed and uploaded. I need to do another proofread and make sure all the dates match. I did not do the whole "can I get out of the house at 7:00" thing yesterday, because I need to take my syllabus down to campus to get copied on Monday, and I figure I'll just do it then.

Lunch yesterday was at Boba House, a local vegeterian place that specializes in vegetable "meat" products. I had basil "chicken", which was really, really, really amazingly good. It was also very rich - a lunch portion was enough for lunch yesterday and lunch today. I'll be going back.

We did not go to the farmer's market today. I was feeling lazy, and was not feeling up to the crowd, and was not feeling up to getting drug into the saga of the cheese. We mostly have enough of the things we get from the farmer's market, and what we need (eggs, milk, cheese, lettuce) we can get from the co-op, and the eggs and milk will still be local. (The lettuce may be too - if our happy hydroponic farmer isn't selling to the farmer's market, he needs to be.) So I've done some dishes and fixed breakfast and eaten lunch and we've mowed the lawn and I've balanced my checkbook and drunk a lot of coffee and stuff, and it's been a nice lazy morning. Eventually, we're going to have to go out to the co-op if we want breakfast tomorrow, being down to one egg, and I think there's a Borders visit planned. Burgers are on the menu for dinner, and maybe some BSG.

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Tonight's conclusions:

1. I prefer to two relatively tiny burgers over one medium sized one. I don't know why, but it tasted better.
2. If I'm going to make myself tiny burgers, it is not worth stuffing the cheese in the middle. It will leak out. Cheese stuffing requires a big burger.

Despite that setback, they were rather damn tasty. :)