July 21st, 2008


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Dude. I called the Y next to school; if you're a community college employee, they waive the $60 joining fee and it's 25 percent off your membership. I'm sold. Now I'm all grumpycakes because I couldn't get my employee ID today. :)

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So, I get home this afternoon to a letter from the NC Department of Revenue, saying that they may not have recieved my tax return for 2003 and 2004, and could I please furnish them with either a copy of my return for those years or proof that I didn't need to file, such as returns filed in other states.

Well, I didn't make money in NC in 2003. I moved back shortly before Thanksgiving, attended the wedding of yesthatjill and flummox, and lived at my parents' house the rest of the year. I'd be happy to send the powers that be a copy of my Washington state income tax return... hey, wait, Washington state doesn't do personal income tax.


I've found the check number and amount of the check I wrote the NC DOR for my 2004 taxes (thank you, Quicken). My copy of my return might be... somewhere. (I'm pretty sure I filed on paper, since I don't think Turbotax was doing free state returns that year.)

Yarg. What a pain in the ass. I've called and left a voice mail with the person I need to talk to.

[ETA]: I found my 2003 federal return, 2004 federal return, and 2004 state return in the big folder in the filing cabinet labeled "taxes". Every once in a great while, I manage to look like an adult.