June 30th, 2008

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So, inspired by a post of yesthatjill a little while back, I went and gave blood today. It was, well, pretty painless. I hadn't given blood since college take one, but I've long since waited out any ineligibility requirements, so it was time to start again.

I showed up at the center right on time... and wasn't on the list. I'd made my appointment online, and even checked this morning to make sure it was still listed. I reckon next time I'll call, though. That was really the only hitch, and they still got me right in and out in the promised hour. My temperature came up high the first time, but she rechecked it and it came out right at 98.6 the second time. It sure makes me wonder what the margin of error is on their thermometer. :) At least at this center, instead of having a nurse or volunteer grill you with all of the screening questions, you take them yourself on a computer, which was kind of cool. I got through that, and got my bag and sent into the donation room. I got hooked up with a really good stick, and sat there and read the latest Stephanie Plum book while my blood pumped out. I was done pretty quickly, and got taped up (it's pink, hee), and went and ate some snacks (just so you all know, V8 and swiss roll? Bad, bad mix) and went on my merry way. I can give again in 8 weeks. Apparently, I'm O-positive, and O blood is needed, so I'll be making a regular thing of this. I'd like to do a double-red cell donation and go in less often, but apparently, I'm too short (what the hell? I'm a hefty woman. I really don't see how those 2 inches should matter.)

So, yea. If you're eligible, take an hour once every two months and go give blood.

Afterwards, I wandered into downtown and found the crack store local bead store. Jeff's out of town with work, so I'm going to watch movies and play with beads and yarn the rest of the night. :)

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I've been fussing lately that I haven't been getting enough alone time, and now I'm getting a big old dose of it, and... feh. The house is awfully quiet. :) I'm too used to having Jeff around. You live with someone for 4.5 years, you get used to having them around, ya know?